Antibiotic Adjuvant to Present at IndieBio Demo Day

Antibiotic Adjuvant to Present at IndieBio Demo Day

Antibiotic Adjuvant to Present at IndieBio Demo Day 150 150 adjuvant-admin

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Antibiotic Adjuvant’s founders David Flores, Luis F Garcia, and Robert Yancey, MD to take the stage at the biotech accelerator’s Demo Day on April 17 in San Francisco.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, APRIL 11, 2018—Antibiotic Adjuvant will present its software to reduce antibiotic resistance and antibiotic overuse from the stage at IndieBio Demo Day on April 17, 2018. Antibiotic Adjuvant will join thirteen other companies that have completed the accelerator’s fourmonth biotech training program. A full list of the Class 6 companies can be found on the IndieBio website at

Antibiotic Adjuvant uses existing medical history from a patient, and the facility’s ecology information to provide personalized recommendations to the doctor before they make an antibiotic prescription. The data is analyzed to create an antibiotic stewardship program that uses real-time information to make decisions and can adapt to changes in the facility’s microbiome. Then, using machine learning, it can predict resistant infection, complications, and resistance patterns.

“We are extremely proud to speak at Demo Day and share how we can improve patient outcomes and save hospitals and nursing facilities millions of dollars by implementing antibiotic stewardship programs the right way,” said Flores. “We are optimizing the use of antibiotics, lowering antibiotic resistance, and the number of hospital-acquired infections. Having proved the concepts manually, we have now created a scalable software to affect every antibiotic prescription in a health center.”

Since its first class launched in 2015, IndieBio has provided seed funding, mentorship and R&D tools for 81 companies, whose work tackles global challenges including food security, access to life-saving medical treatments and sustainable materials. As the first seed stage biotechnology accelerator, IndieBio is designed to turn scientists into entrepreneurs, providing them with the business and technical skills to build transformative businesses. Previous IndieBio alumni include Memphis Meats, Koniku, SyntheX, Catalog, Ava Winery, and Qidni Labs.

“This class is an incredible example of what can happen when you give scientists the tools to bridge the gap between research and entrepreneurship,” said IndieBio founder Arvind Gupta. “The life sciences are going through a massive period of disruption, changing in new and exciting ways as people begin to think about biology as a true technological field. The fourteen companies presenting at Demo Day next week are tackling some of the most daunting challenges we face today, and we’re excited to see the impact they will have moving forward.”

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David Flores, 305-322-9378,

About Company Antibiotic Adjuvant

Antibiotic Adjuvant leverages health data and machine learning to control antibiotic resistance and healthcare associated infections. Their software help facilities improve patient outcomes and saves millions of dollars in compliance cost for Antibiotic Stewardship and Infection Control Program requirements by optimizing antibiotic usage.

About IndieBio

IndieBio (@IndBio) is the world’s leading accelerator for biotech startups. The IndieBio accelerator program uniquely provides founders with a fully equipped lab, world class mentors and significant seed funding to foster the next generation of biotech entrepreneurs. Notable alumni include Memphis Meats, Koniku, SyntheX, Catalog, Ava Winery, and Qidni Labs.

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