Optimize antibiotic use
and infection control with analytics and adaptive decision support

Our software reduces infections and resistance in healthcare facilities.

Coordinate Abx Use

Our system provides facility-wide capability to both coordinate and optimize antibiotic prescribing.

Expert Advice

Receive expert, comprehensive information at the point of the prescription with real time information about the facility ecosystem.

Comply with Requirements

Get reports to comply with new antibiotic stewardship and infection control program requirements mandated by the federal government

Virtual Infectious Disease Specialist and Epidemiologist.

Affect real change in your facility by providing expert advise to your medical staff.

Turn-Key ASP

Get an Antibiotic Stewardship Program (ASP) automatically generated and customized for your facility with minimal effort.

Smart Algorithms

Embedded algorithms limit the antibiotic burden on the patient and facility such as duration of broad spectrum antibiotics, antibiotic ‘Time Out’, and de-escalation.

See the Big Picture

For the first time you can visualize how infections are transmitted through your facility in real-time and develop policies to prevent resistance.

Infection control and antibiotic stewardship automated for you.

Antibiotic Adjuvant’s software, affects change in your facility by providing all your staff with tools and education to optimize antibiotic use in real-time.


Comply with new Antibiotic Stewardship Program and Infection Control requirements coming from CMS.


Our software covers all 9 core elements of a compliant Antibiotic Stewardship Program: Leadership Commitment, Accountability, Drug Expertise, Action, Tracking, Reporting, and Education.

Request a Demo

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All relevant information to optimally prescribe antibiotics at fingertips

Easy to understand information to get antibiotic prescription right. Now, you will have access to recommendations based on patient’s clinical history, risk factors, and the current facility’s microbiome. All in real time!

Antibiotic Adjuvant


Our surveillance tools are constantly monitoring your facility and alert your staff when there are infection or influenza-like outbreaks.


We make reporting on infection control and antibiotic stewardship a breeze. We track all infection events and aggregate the data in all the reports your ICP needs.


Physicians get antibiotic recommendations that treat the infection and control antibiotic resistance based on patient’s medical records and your facility’s ecology information.